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The Road Keeper
The Road Keeper By Median Games Inc.
A fast action RPG game with some strategy elements, fighting, shooting, and tower defending.
Angry Gran Run Halloween
Angry Gran Run Halloween By
Angry Gran is back in this Halloween edition of Angry Gran Run. Run through the spooky streets, bashing punks and avoiding all sorts of scary obstacles. Collect treasure skulls to unlock a new character!
Swooop By
Fly around and collect gems and stars in a beautiful and colorful 3D world. Loop and swoop your bi-plane around the magical island. SWOOOP puts you in control of a colorful biplane that soars above a magical island. Pick up as many gems, scoring as many points as you can before your fuel runs out. And get ready for SWOOOP's dazzling bonus mode!
Angry Gran Run Christmas Village
Angry Gran Run Christmas Village By
HO HO HO! Angry Gran is back for a Christmas run around! Jump, run, slide and collect coins to buy upgrades in this festive running extravaganza!
Defend Your Life
Defend Your Life By Alda Games
This human body is in grave danger! Many diseases and bacteria are attacking the organs inside body. But don't worry, you will have fighters and build towers to defend the organs. You can upgrade the army to keep the human body healthy.
CubeSlam By OZDY
Cube Slam is a video game that you can play face-to-face against your friends. To win Cube Slam, hit the cube against your friend’s screen three times until the screen explodes. Shields, obstacles, and gravity fields change with every new level, and you can unlock power-ups including fireballs, lasers, multi-balls, mirrored controls, bulletproof shields, fog, ghost balls, time bombs, resized paddles, extra lives and death balls––though you might want to avoid the death balls. If none of your friends are online, you can always play against Bob the Bear and see what level you can reach.
Island Escape 3D
Island Escape 3D By Lille Johs
This is a RPG/FPS where you start in a cave but you have no idea how you got there. You have no memories. You find out that you are trapped on an island, and you need to find a way to survive. Find weapons, equipment, loot chests, shop, level up and kill the dangerous creatures you will encounter. There are also quests which will give you a reward if you succeed.
Kart Farm
Kart Farm By
Kart Farm is a simple kart 3D game. Just try to be the first and win the race. Use the powerups for help. The default menu is in Portuguese. Click on US flag in the top left corner to select English.
Stick Tennis
Stick Tennis By Stick Sports Ltd
Easy to play yet difficult to master, Stick Tennis offers fast and fluid gameplay with realistic court surfaces and a huge range of unique player styles and characteristics.
Katana Fruits
Katana Fruits By
Kantana Fruits is a new slicing game in which you have to slice every fruit but be careful to avoid the bombs! Missing a fruit will cost you a life. Hitting a bomb will end the game immediately.
Avatar Arena
Avatar Arena By
Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament.
Boule and Bill
Boule and Bill By Boule and Bill
A variation from the Temple Run theme in suburbia. Bill needs to run, collect coins, jump over and slide under obstacles to avoid getting hit to get to the next level. Game over when Bill gets hit. You have to be quick on your fingers as Bill is a fast runner.
Running Fred
Running Fred By Diego G. Ruiz
Fred is back with a new host of painful antics, awesome acrobatic, desperate moves, special items and locations.
Air Battle 3D
Air Battle 3D By
Air strike is an unity 3D airplane game with great 3D graphics where you have to fly as fast as you can and destroy all your enemies with your rockets and bombs.
Spect By
SPECT is an addictive space shooter. Use your auto fire, missiles and shield to protect your spaceship against enemy ships and asteroids.
Stealth 3D
Stealth 3D By
You are a boy name Ethan who somehow finds an abandoned robot facility. You must find your way out before the robot takes you.
The New Yoda Chronicles
The New Yoda Chronicles By Lego Systems
Choose between the light side or the dark side and battle against the opposing force.
Asgard Attack
Asgard Attack By
Stop evil goblins in Asgard Attack! This fantasy action game challenges you to guard the Land of the Gods. Barracks and training grounds will help you grow a powerful army. You must seek revenge for the sake of humanity!
Goal Champion
Goal Champion By Tempa Labs
Prove your skills in three different leagues against 24 teams. Shoot the ball into the goal and avoid the defenders and the goalie to win every match. Will you beat all teams to leave the pitch as a champion?
Hercules Curse of the Hydra
Hercules Curse of the Hydra By Hollow Edge
Everyone has heard about Hercules, the son of Zeus and his legend. In Hercules: Curse of the Hydra, you are Hercules and you must fight against hordes of mythical creatures, collect items and uphold your name. During the game, you can use various weapons to fight and you can move freely in an open world.
World Cup Kicks
World Cup Kicks By AceViral
Set your power, angle and curve to get a goal with the free kicks.
Monument By
Hardcore classic gameplay. Huge hordes of monsters. Blood. Fun. Each level is unique and different from the previous. Play with your best friends: shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun, a homemade rifle and Rocket launcher. Send evil chickens, aliens and other evil spirits to meet the maker. Collect the missing parts of the monument at each location.
Abysus Arena
Abysus Arena By Generator Rex
Hand-on-hand combat with aliens. Do your best to free the Earth from the dreaded creatures.
Zombie Strike
Zombie Strike By
You are trapped in a farm full of zombies and your mission is to survive for 10 minutes and use the big arsenal of weapons to shoot the dangerous zombies.