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Ben 10 Ultimate Crisis
Ben 10 Ultimate Crisis By
You are Ben 10 and your mission is to fight the aliens.
Truck Challenge 3D
Truck Challenge 3D By Unity Gamez
Challenging truck driving with a difficult load in a tough environment. Your job is to deliver everything from start to finish but unfortunately, the cargo isn't fastened very well.
Sweets Monster
Sweets Monster By Radio
The object of the game is to avoid all obstacles and to gather as many candies as possible to get a high score. Combo moves will increase your score and you will get a higher reward.
Cowboys vs Martians
Cowboys vs Martians By OZDY
In Cowboy vs. Martians you have to defend your territory against Aliens. Load your revolver and expel the Aliens from the desert. Use your skills and finish as many of them as possible to get them out of the desert for good.
Kiba and Kumba: Shadow Run
Kiba and Kumba: Shadow Run By
In this cool jump 'n' run game Kiba and Kumba: Shadown Run, evil genius Dr. Slipp van Ice is chasing Kiba and Kumba with his plane. Jump over obstacles and pits and help the two monkeys escape to safety. Can you beat level 4 in this fast-paced action game and win the game?
3D Bricks
3D Bricks By 3D Bricks
A 3D version of the classic arcade game.
Highway Racer 3D
Highway Racer 3D By
Highway Racer 3D is a Unity 3D driving game where your mission is to drive at high speed on the highway while avoiding all other cars. Pass other cars at high speed and earn more and more money. You can buy new and more powerfull cars and upgrade existing ones with the money you earn. You can upgrade all parts of your car, choose colors and so on.
The Green Mission
The Green Mission By Maksim Eliseenko
In The Green Missio,n you take on the role of Buddy, a green blob in sneakers who is searching for a mysterious tomato recipe in an ancient cave. Run, jump, and fly through 14 challenging levels and gather all the crystals. Open doors by changing Buddy's color and reach all exits. Can you make it out of the cave with the mystical recipe?
Boxhead: The Nightmare
Boxhead: The Nightmare By Crazy Monkey Games
The objective is simple: Kill all the baddies, Zombies through to the Devil. You need to unlock new battlefields, characters, and weaponry. Most have specific requirements like 'reach wave six of battlefield X'. Kill as many enemies as quickly as possible with one shot to increase the Multiplier. As the Multiplier increases, you gain more Boins and that will let you upgrade your weapons. So play Forest Run to collect all the Boins. But be quick because the Boins will disappear after a while.
GoBasket By
This basketball game is a great simulator if you want to learn how to play basketball. Try and see for yourself.
Turbo Dismount
Turbo Dismount By
Your job is to crash test the vehicles before they go on sale.
Monster wants a candy
Monster wants a candy By Enclave Games
Sweet little Monster loves eating candy with his girl, but evil King kidnapped her. Help our Monster collect enough candy to get her back! Tap or click the candy to eat it, be sure not to miss any of them. Watch out for the bombs!
Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior
Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior By Ben Olding
Select your character and beat all other warriors to be the best.
Kiba & Kumba: High Jump
Kiba & Kumba: High Jump By
Test your skills and reflexes with Kiba and Kumba: Highjump! In this classic platform jumper, your goal is to jump as high as possible. Dodge enemies and collect items for points. Mighty power ups will help you on your way up. How high can you fly?
Protect the Planet
Protect the Planet By PlayTwice
Protect The Planet is a fast paced action strategy game. As a commanding officer of an new colonized planet, it is your responsibility to handle all unexpected dangers. Fend off alien invasions and colliding asteroids while populating the planet with new citizens and buildings. How long will you survive?
Dare up
Dare up By Vander Amaral
Dare Up is a 3D extreme sport game . You will be base jumping with a wing suit over a beautiful landscape. There are two game modes: ring mode and score mode. In the ring mode you have to fly and hit the blue markers. In the score mode, you are doing a free ride and have to score a maximum high score. Customize your character, upgrade your wing suit, choose your drop zone and feel the adrenaline of the base jumping.
Angry Gran Run Cairo
Angry Gran Run Cairo By
Angry Gran Run is back and now she's on the run in Cairo. Guide Angry Gran through the streets to get away from the doctors from the Angry Asylum. Fight off the Egyptian Punks, and avoid all new enemies.
Captain Rogers Asteroid Belt of Sirius
Captain Rogers Asteroid Belt of Sirius By Enclave Games
It's a simple yet very engaging game about brave Captain Rogers and his escape through an asteroid field. Tap the screen to fly up, release to fly down. Collect the stars and shields, avoid asteroids and mines. Grab the bomb to blow up everything on screen!
Angry Gran Run
Angry Gran Run By
Angry Gran has been locked away in the Angry Asylum, she's plotting her escape, and she needs you to guide her through the streets once she's busted out!
Lego- Legends of Chima Speedorz
Lego- Legends of Chima Speedorz By Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment
Enter the Royal Cup and take on fierce new rivals including Lagravis, King of the Lions, and King Crominus, the leader of the Croc Tribe!
Straw Hat Samurai
Straw Hat Samurai By Explosive Barrel
Use your mouse to guide your fancy ninja, draw lines to slice enemies or shoot with bow and arrows. Hold the left mouse button to attack.
NBA Hoop Troop
NBA Hoop Troop By
A fun version of the NBA game, play with some of the greatest teams to shoot that hoop.
3D Space Racer
3D Space Racer By Bit of Game
Jump into the endless space runner and race to pick up points and avoid hostile units. This 3D space flying game is packed with hours of fun, with different ships to choose from. Which space ship flyer will work best for you? Try all 3 and get the feel for them.
Lose the Heat 3
Lose the Heat 3 By
This game will appeal to Driver and Need For Speed fans. All you need to do is to get away from the cops. But we all know that it's easier said than done. Therein lies the challenge that will get your adrenaline running.