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Mini Putt Gem Forest
Mini Putt Gem Forest By
In this sequel to the Mini Putt adventure, 18 more levels and lots of tricky courses await you. Hit the ball into the holes using the fewest number of strokes and collect as many gems as possible.
Bomber Strike
Bomber Strike By adeo8
Pilot a fighter jet in 2D on a 3D engine. Your mission is to destroy all the tanks on the ground.
Farm Mania
Farm Mania By Realore
Fruits and vegetables, animals and birds, bakeries and textile factories, all waiting for you in this farm simulation game!
Table Blackjack
Table Blackjack By
This standard Blackjack game is played with one or more decks containing 52 cards. Your goal is to hit 21, but the risk of busting is exponentially higher after your card hand value reaches 15.
The Farmer Game
The Farmer Game By W_W
Everyday you have to manage your farm, plant some vegetables or fruits, or sell some eggs.
Accurate Slapshot
Accurate Slapshot By Ivan Pavlov
Accurate Slapshot is a fusion of hockey and skills. Aim gently with your stick through the 24 challenging levels. When you click and drag the puck, the indicator dots will tell you where the puck will land. The perfect slapshot doesn't always have to be hard, sometimes its better with a smooth toss and sometimes power means everything. Avoid and take advantage of obstacles, there is no right and wrong, as long as you manage to score.
Monster Boarder Extreme Snowboarding
Monster Boarder Extreme Snowboarding By Steven Craeynest
Carve down the mountains as you go for the top scores and top times in this simulation snowboarding game based on the great SSX series.
Air Battle 3D
Air Battle 3D By
Air strike is an unity 3D airplane game with great 3D graphics where you have to fly as fast as you can and destroy all your enemies with your rockets and bombs.
Road Safety Blood Free
Road Safety Blood Free By Hypnocat Studio
The goal in the reaction game Road Safety is to find the right moment to cross the street safely. Just click on one of the characters and they will start running, but watch out for the cars. In every level, you need to get a certain number of people to the other side of the street without them being hit by a car.
The Castle Keeper
The Castle Keeper By Median Games Inc.
Castle Keeper is a fast action RPG game with some strategy elements.
Truck Challenge 3D
Truck Challenge 3D By Unity Gamez
Challenging truck driving with a difficult load in a tough environment. Your job is to deliver everything from start to finish but unfortunately, the cargo isn't fastened very well.
Highway Racer 3D
Highway Racer 3D By
Highway Racer 3D is a Unity 3D driving game where your mission is to drive at high speed on the highway while avoiding all other cars. Pass other cars at high speed and earn more and more money. You can buy new and more powerfull cars and upgrade existing ones with the money you earn. You can upgrade all parts of your car, choose colors and so on.
Turbo Dismount
Turbo Dismount By
Your job is to crash test the vehicles before they go on sale.
Foot Chinko
Foot Chinko By Raval Matic
In this game you can play every important national team tournament of the world. Pick your favorite team in each one of them and win the Africa Cup, the Olympic Games, the European Championship and look forward to the World Championship you will be able to play at the end. Every new game holds a new challenge, the final matches are the hardest ones! You can use the points you gain to buy power-ups that will help you win the match!
Dare up
Dare up By Vander Amaral
Dare Up is a 3D extreme sport game . You will be base jumping with a wing suit over a beautiful landscape. There are two game modes: ring mode and score mode. In the ring mode you have to fly and hit the blue markers. In the score mode, you are doing a free ride and have to score a maximum high score. Customize your character, upgrade your wing suit, choose your drop zone and feel the adrenaline of the base jumping.
Flint Poker
Flint Poker By Codewalla Studios
No clubs allowed at the table! Place your bet, draw your cards, and hope for good cards. Click or tap DEAL to begin. If you want to discard any cards, click or tap on them to turn them over then select DEAL to replace them with new cards. If you like all of your cards, select DEAL to see your winnings. To start the next round, select NEW HAND. Select the BET buttons to either increase or decrease your bet. Are your poker skills a little prehistoric? Check the points chart to figure out best hand combinations. When in doubt, look for pairs or keep face cards and Aces!
Lose the Heat 3
Lose the Heat 3 By
This game will appeal to Driver and Need For Speed fans. All you need to do is to get away from the cops. But we all know that it's easier said than done. Therein lies the challenge that will get your adrenaline running.
Police Parking Extreme
Police Parking Extreme By Unity Gamez
Reach the parking spot and avoid hitting cones to complete the level.
Lego - Technic Pull Back
Lego - Technic Pull Back By
Try to pull back and run the toy car and collect as many wheels as possible while you are at it. You can buy a variety of enhancements with the points you earn.
Dynamite Blast
Dynamite Blast By NukeBit
Blast bridges, towers and vehicles with dynamite. You need to place the dynamite in the right places to complete the mission in 30 levels.
Track Racing Online: Pursuit Game
Track Racing Online: Pursuit Game By
You are a police target and they are after you. Now you find yourself trapped in a remote town and all you can rely on to help you get away is your driving skill.
Pro BMX Tricks
Pro BMX Tricks By Vitality Games
Be in the right place and get the right speed to make some of the best BMX tricks in this Pro BMX game.There are 10 intense levels with high ramps and obstacles to test your skills and to get you addicted!
Grand Roulette
Grand Roulette By
Classic casino roulette simulation game.
Pool 3D
Pool 3D By
Pool3D is a realistic 3D pool simulation game. You can choose to play Skillshots or in Exhibition mode.