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Feed Reader
Feed Reader By GameSoft
Use the feed reader app to curate all your favorite online feeds in one place. Supports both RSS and Atom feed formats
Gmail By GameSoft
The ease and simplicity of Gmail, direct to your homepage. Options include previewing emails directly within the app window or on the Gmail website. To use this app you need to be logged into a Google account.
Weather By GameSoft
View the local weather for multiple locations on your page.
Google Calendar
Google Calendar By GameSoft
With Google's online calendar, it's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place. This rich, interactive gadget brings all the power of Google Calendar to your personal page. To use this calendar you need to be logged into a Google account.
Bookmarks By GameSoft
Easily store and organize bookmarks for your favorite sites. This app lets you add individual bookmarks or import multiple bookmarks from file. You can create folders for added convenience and quickly find what you're looking for using the app's quick search feature.
Amazon By GameSoft
Amazon Top Offers is a rich, interactive gadget bringing Amazon functionality to your personal page. The gadget automatically displays products from the Amazon regional store nearest to you.
Date & Time
Date & Time By Google
Add a clock to your page. Click edit to change it to the color of your choice.
Google Translate
Google Translate By Google
Google Translation gadget can translate between common languages in the world