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Monster Boarder Extreme Snowboarding Settings
Monster Boarder Extreme Snowboarding Games Simulation Unity Unity
Steven Craeynest
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Simulation Action Snowboard Snowboarding Snow
Carve down the mountains as you go for the top scores and top times in this simulation snowboarding game based on the great SSX series.
  • 1 Arrow keys to move on ground.
  • 2 CTRL key to jump (keep it pressed to charge your jump).
  • 3 Arrow keys to do tricks in the air (spins & flips). You can’t steer when charging your jumps, but you can charge your tricks with the arrow keys then instead.
  • 4 Q key to use your boost to go faster (you gain boost by doing tricks).
  • 5 R key to respawn on the track.
  • 6 ESC key to pause the game and open the in game menu.

The red snowflakes in the trick events multiply your current trick’s score by 3.

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