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Action Zombie Aliens
Battle against aliens, robots, and zombies. Raze is a fast-paced action game, combining elements of the shooter along with those of a platformer. You control a character in a deathmatch-style battle with multiple opponents. Can you win? Raze is a frenetic, fast-paced game, there isn't much time to think! So play around to get a feel for the controls, the actions of your enemies, etc. Experiment with different uses for the weapons - each has its strengths and weakenesses. Learn where the different power-ups are on each map. Aim for the head!

Raze has a very good tutorial available through the campaign mode.  It's a great way to become familiar with the controls and gameplay. When playing Raze you will be using both the keyboard to control movement as well as the mouse to control the direction in which your character fires his weapon.

The number keys are used to choose different weapons picked up during play.

Q and E, or Enter and Shift allow you to quickly switch through the weapons available.

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