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Drinks on the Sea Shore
Drinks on the Sea Shore GameSoft
She sells orange juice on the sea shore
Freedom on the Beach
Freedom on the Beach GameSoft
Freedom to run barefoot on the golden sandy beach
Basketball on Court
Basketball on Court GameSoft
Basketball on court at an elevated view
Spotlight and Lasers
Spotlight and Lasers GameSoft
Vector stage spotlight with laser rays
Shoes on Display
Shoes on Display GameSoft
Shoes in shop window display
Pink Hat on Beach
Pink Hat on Beach GameSoft
Pink summer hat on beach with sunglasses and plumeria
Colorful Fabric Lamps
Colorful Fabric Lamps GameSoft
Colorful fabric lamps paraded during festival
Gold Lasers
Gold Lasers GameSoft
Nightclub scene with spiral gold colored laser lights
Check Shirts
Check Shirts GameSoft
Brightly colored check shirts on rack
Xylophone GameSoft
Colorful wooden xylophone
Blue Lagoon Cocktails
Blue Lagoon Cocktails GameSoft
Party blue lagoon cocktails served in all night
Jeans and Sneakers
Jeans and Sneakers GameSoft
Set of jeans, sneakers and earphones
Concert Crowd
Concert Crowd GameSoft
Concert crowd enjoying a night-time performance
Party on the Beach
Party on the Beach GameSoft
A party on the beach close to sunset
Studio DJ
Studio DJ GameSoft
Studio DJ with neon mixing decks