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Rock Music Poster
Rock Music Poster GameSoft
Rock music poster with retro feel
Wall of Speakers
Wall of Speakers GameSoft
Music speakers on the wall in retro vintage style
Spotlight and Lasers
Spotlight and Lasers GameSoft
Vector stage spotlight with laser rays
Gold Lasers
Gold Lasers GameSoft
Nightclub scene with spiral gold colored laser lights
Xylophone GameSoft
Colorful wooden xylophone
Concert Crowd
Concert Crowd GameSoft
Concert crowd enjoying a night-time performance
Party on the Beach
Party on the Beach GameSoft
A party on the beach close to sunset
Studio DJ
Studio DJ GameSoft
Studio DJ with neon mixing decks
Cowboy Hat and Guitar
Cowboy Hat and Guitar GameSoft
Cowboy hat and guitar on the ranch
Playing Violin
Playing Violin GameSoft
Playing the violin in concert
Teen Guitar
Teen Guitar GameSoft
Teen playing electric guitar
Guitar and Wood Background
Guitar and Wood Background GameSoft
Indigo blue guitar laying on a wood background
Thai Drum
Thai Drum GameSoft
Playing the Thai drum
Stage with Lights
Stage with Lights GameSoft
Stage with blue lights just before the gig
Microphone on Stage
Microphone on Stage GameSoft
Microphone primed and ready on stage