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All about the GameSoft brand and your use of the site


GameSoft is built for gamers by gamers. We want to give the control back to gamers where it belongs.

GameSoft is a cutting edge platform that brings together all of your gaming and social world under one roof. You might have thought that it’s about time someone did that. We thought so too!

Imagine having your own nook in cyberspace where you can bring together all of the content that matters to you – your favorite games, gaming news, reviews, blogs and whatever else that you care about. We like to call this your gaming space.

Imagine being able to create, curate, build and nurture your space with cool apps and themes that rock. There are tons of apps to choose from including games, YouTube’s hottest content, gaming news and reviews, Facebook and Twitter – yes you can even read and post to your Facebook wall/Twitter feed without leaving your gaming space!

Come join the gaming revolution!

Meet the GameSoft Team

The GameSoft team, headed by founder Darren Bond, has been avid video gamers from the introduction of the first Atari consoles way back in the ‘70s. We have been playing games longer than anyone (except perhaps the Aztecs)! We feel a profound connection with our fellow gamers and a deep understanding of what gamers want – to get on with what they love doing the most and get the maximum fun and enjoyment out of it!

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UI/UX Designer
Business Strategist
Gaming Guru
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