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Imagine having your own nook in cyberspace where you can bring together all of the content that matters to you – your favorite games, gaming news, reviews, blogs and whatever else that you care about. We like to call this your gaming space.

Imagine being able to create, curate, build and nurture your own gaming space with cool apps that you can add to your personalized gaming space. We have tons of apps for you to choose from covering games, YouTube’s hottest content, the latest gaming news and reviews, Facebook and Twitter – yes you can even read and post to your Facebook wall/Twitter feed without leaving your GameSoft space!

GameSoft is the world’s first platform that brings together all of your gaming and social world under one roof.

What is GameSoft about?

The concept behind GameSoft is to create an online home base for avid gamers where everything they could ever want is in one place. Gamers can play games, access the usual news, reviews, information and social platforms that they care about all from one convenient hub. More importantly, gamers have complete control of this space – they can build it, personalize it and customize it with just the apps they want.

How is GameSoft different from other gaming sites?

Most of the leading gaming sites out there are produced by computer games publishers for consumers so to speak. They tend to have a subtle marketing slant. GameSoft is built for gamers by gamers. Our driving philosophy is to build a site that meets the needs of today’s gamers – have everything they want at their fingertips in one place so that they can focus on playing their favorite games. We also want to make it possible for gamers to create their own personalized gaming space with the games, gaming news and reviews that gamers want to see. Surprisingly, no one has done that yet! That’s where GameSoft comes it.

What is GameSoft’s vision for the future?

To be the No.1 online gaming destination, the world’s first platform where gamers can build their own personalized gaming hub and interact with other gamers while playing games online.

Who are the people behind GameSoft?

The GameSoft team, headed by founder Darren Bond, has been avid video gamers from the introduction of the first Atari consoles way back in the ‘70s. We have been playing games longer than anyone (except perhaps the Aztecs)! And we feel a profound connection with our fellow gamers and a deep understanding of what gamers want – to get on with what they love doing the most and get the maximum fun and enjoyment out of it!


Have more questions? Please contact us at press@gamesoft.com

What our users say

"GameSoft is a fantastic platform for gamers. It's got great news feeds and games and the personalization tools let me create something that's totally cool and totally about me."

Tom Clark

"I’m digging the cool vibes of my own gaming space! I’ve got different themes on each of my gaming space tabs so the mood changes depending on whether I’m playing games or getting the lowdown on the latest game reviews.”

Emma Jackson

"Awesome channels guys! I’ve personalized the games and sports channels to reflect my interests. No more hunting around for everything PlayStation or NFL and baseball! Have just realized I can set themes for the channels as well as my gaming space. Thanks sooo much.”

Angel Heart

"Mucho congrats to the team for all your hard work. GameSoft is the place I come to every day to play games and catch up with friends using your Twitter app. Best of all is the channels preview below my gaming space – now I don’t miss a thing!”

José Belo

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