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GameSoft.com is a bootstrapping startup by a small team of gaming aficionados. The GameSoft concept was conceived with gamers’ interests first and foremost – to build the first platform of its kind to serve gamers’ online needs and more, where you the gamer can create your very own online gaming space for a more gratifying gaming experience. We are passionate about the GameSoft concept and want to spread the word and get lots of gamers on board to join the gaming revolution.

Being a self-funded early stage startup, we really need to count on the support of our community of users to make GameSoft viable and sustainable – so that we can continue to serve you and deliver.

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We will be rolling out premium features shortly for avid gamers who would appreciate our enhanced features for an even more awesome gaming experience. We will be offering a 30 day free trial test drive. We will tell you about it when we launch our premium features. Do take us up on the free test drive!

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