2023 may still have some surprises left for us, but we’re always looking ahead. With such an exciting year ahead of us, it’s hard to resist! Let’s put aside our Starfields and Assassin’s Creeds for the moment and look ahead at what 2024 has in store for us. Here are a few of the games you won’t want to miss.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

February ’24 will see the release of both the next Homeworld title and Rocksteady’s latest superhero venture. Set for an early Feb 2 release, we have hopes that this Suicide Squad game will fare better than the rather underwhelming Gotham Knights. Rocksteady has produced some spectacular results with their Arkham games, let’s hope they can impress once again.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League 2024

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The recently-revealed Prince of Perisa: The Lost Crown will take the series back to its 2D-platforming roots. This stylish and promising action-platformer seems set to offer a blend of fast-paced action, tense platforming, and compelling world-building. Fans of the long-running series have been ill-served for far too long, so let’s hope this is the title to revitalize a beloved franchise.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown 2024

Tekken 8

The highly-anticipated follow-up to Tekken 7 is almost upon us. Fans of the long-standing fighting game franchise will be eager to get their fight sticks on Bandai Namco’s latest. With a launch roster of 32 fighters, a brand-new Arcade Quest mode, and a continuation of one of gaming’s longest storylines, this is set to be a big one. Hopefully, Tekken 8 will be an ideal starting point for newcomers, as well as satisfying its dedicated following.

Tekken 8 2024

Marvel’s Wolverine

Although we haven’t heard much of Insomniac’s in-development Wolverine title, we’re optimistically putting in the 2024 release calendar. The fan-favorite clawed fury has a storied history with video games, from the terrific Ultimate Alliance to the better-than-the-movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine tie-in. However, the X-Men hero has been quiet in the video game world for some time now. We’re overdue another Wolverine game, and who better than Spider-Man’s Insomniac to deliver? Here’s hoping we see more of this soon!

Wolverine teaser 2024

Star Wars Outlaws

Outlaws made a strong impression when it was first revealed back in June. Another detailed, rich, and immersive Star Wars game is something we just can’t say no to! The third-person cover shooter gameplay seemed to present something quite different from the lightsaber-wielding action of the Fallen Order titles. This cinematic, story-focused title is definitely one to keep an eye on, though its release window is no more specific than 2024.

Star Wars Outlaws 2024


Finally, we have Obsidian’s long-awaited first-person RPG. Set in the world of Eora, first seen in Pillars of Eternity, this fantasy title seems set to offer a Skyrim-esque experience quite unlike what Obsidian has been putting recently. Working in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, this ambitious title seems like has a lot of support – and money! – behind it. Stay tuned for more on this promising-looking title. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of it soon!


What games are you looking forward to? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!