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Our games

Bubble Shooter is the classic pop the bubbles match-3 game that’s addictive and a lot of fun!

Shoot all the bubbles down as quickly as you can before they fall to the ground. Just point to aim and tap to shoot. The bigger the color bubble cluster, the faster you finish the level!

Hidden Words is a themed classic word search game that’s a real brain teaser!

Spot the words up, down, backwards and diagonal. The game that’s sure to challenge everyone, regardless of your vocabulary level, with words literally hidden in plain sight!

Jewel Deluxe is the iconic and popular match-3 game that everyone loves!

Offering you a great game play experience for hours of relaxation and fun. Match 3 jewels of the same shape and color with bonus jewels with super powers to supercharge your score!

Slide the Ball is a simple but addictive puzzle game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Solve the puzzle by connecting the pipe pieces for the ball to roll down the pipe from start to finish. The fewer moves you make to solve the puzzle, the higher you score!

Zumbla Deluxe is everyone’s favorite classic match-3 bubble shooter game!

Venture into the Mayan jungle, your mission is to shoot all the marbles before all is lost. Level up to a more challenging game where marbles move in all directions at varying speeds!

Block Puzzle is the classic puzzle game that’s sure to tease your brain for hours on end!

Fill a complete row or complete column with blocks to score points and clear up space to continue playing.Fit the block, the less gaps the better!