The second season of Overwatch 2 brings a new Battle Pass and introduces Rammatra, the latest addition to the diverse roster of characters. Rammatra, the pragmatic leader of Null Sector, adds a lot to Overwatch in terms of both gameplay and story relevance.

Let’s take a look at Rammatra’s role in Null Sector, his abilities, and how you can best utilize them to win your games!

Who is Rammatra?

Overwatch 2 who is Rammatra

Rammatra was a war machine who shed his weaponry to follow a path of peace and enlightenment among the monks of Nepal. His goals coincided with Zenyatta’s for the longest time, but due to the humans’ constant oppression of the Omnics, he could no longer be a passive bystander.

This oppression led Rammatra to leave the Monastery and to lead the Null Sector, one of the greatest threats to humanity in the world of Overwatch. So Rammatra serves a pivotal role in the world of Overwatch, especially with the story campaign against Null Sector coming up soon!

Rammatra’s Abilities

Rammatra is the latest Tank to be added to the Overwatch roster and features an extremely diverse kit. Let’s take a look at what he has to offer in both his Omnic and Nemesis forms.

Overwatch 2 - Rammatra abilities

Omnic Form

This is Rammatra’s regular form, where he is a slimmer machine with 450 base HP, carrying around a Void Accelerator staff with its own primary and secondary fire. 

Primary Fire: Void Accelerator

Rammatra fires a stream of nanite projectiles that damage whatever they hit. This ability has 100 ammo, 1 second of reload time, and no damage fall-off, making it a difficult-to-land but potent source of damage.

Overwatch 2 Rammatra Primary Fire

Secondary Fire: Void Accelerator Barrier

Rammatra creates a barrier with 1000 HP for 4 seconds at any location.

Overwatch 2 Rammatra shield

Nemesis Form

Upon using his secondary ability, Rammatra transforms into his tankier and more imposing Nemesis form, gaining 225 armor for 8 seconds. His goal in this form is to pummel enemies to death and block damage at close range.

Primary Fire: Pummel

Rammatra deals powerful melee blows and creates waves of energy with each swing. Each swing does 60 damage and has an impressive 12m range.

Overwatch 2 Rammatra pummel

Secondary Fire: Block

Rammatra can put his arms up in a cross-guard and take 75% reduced damage, but his movement speed is reduced by 50%. 

Overwatch 2 Rammatra block

Secondary Ability: Ravenous Vortex

Rammatra fires a projectile that bounces till it hits level-ground and creates a circular AoE vortex that damages and slows enemies.

Overwatch 2 Rammatra vortex

Ultimate: Annihilation

Rammatra enters his Nemesis form and creates tethers in a 13-meter radius that constantly damage enemies in his range for 3 seconds. The cooldown does not tick down as long as you are tethered to enemies making it ideal for zone control.

Overwatch 2 Rammatra annihilation


Rammatra is the first true phase-shifting tank introduced to Overwatch and features a difficult learning curve, but his kit is rewarding to master. Here are some tips to help you master Rammatra’s kit:

  • Try to predict enemy movements with Void Accelerator rather than tracking them due to the projectile travel time.
  • The Shield has a low uptime, so don’t rely on it too much and use it for important moments.
  • Use Nemesis form when you are close to the enemies, or you will get kited.
  • His Vortex can ground mobile enemies such as Genji, Pharah, and Mercy.
  • Use his Ultimate to gain area control; this is very useful for securing objectives, especially during Overtime
  • Pummel will pierce your targets, so try your best to group up and hit multiple targets with Rammatra’s fists.
  • You can cancel Nemesis form anytime to get the cooldown started faster.
  • The Block is useful for soaking damage during large enemy bursts such as D.Va’s ultimate but should be avoided otherwise.
  • Lucio is the best healer to pair up with Rammatra.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you found this guide worthwhile in helping you learn all about Overwatch’s latest addition, Rammatra. He sure is a unique character who offers a lot of versatility in his kit with a very rewarding learning curve.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Rammatra. For more Overwatch guides and in-depth reviews, be sure to stay tuned!