Minecraft is one of the most successful franchises as we all know. Another spin-off is coming this year that is unlike anything else Mojang Studios has ever released. Mojang and Blackbird Interactive are working together to develop the next action-strategy video game Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends is scheduled for release on April 18 of this year. Mojang has revealed a few features on their official website, as well as a trailer for the game. But as you might expect, not all of its details have been made public yet. Here’s what we do know now about Minecraft Legends, including gameplay, features, PvP mode, pre-order details, and more.

Minecraft Legends gameplay trailer

The gameplay trailer provides an overview of the game’s action strategy concept. It appears that the multiplayer modes in the game enable both competitive and cooperative play. In Minecraft Legends, the player’s mission will be to protect the Overworld against a piglin invasion. And the game’s story revolves around it.

Legends is drawing heavily on features that players will be acquainted with while simultaneously developing the gameplay in a unique and fascinating way. The game will allow players to form teams with former adversaries like skeletons. Players can turn them into friends in order to combat the invasion of the considerably more deadly Nether.

Although it seems like a totally different kind of Minecraft game, Minecraft Legends keeps the same core components that have made the series so popular. The game also has unfamiliar creatures, powers, and other stuff for players to utilize. This makes Minecraft legends incredibly distinctive and something completely new for Minecraft fans.

4v4 clashes will be possible in Minecraft Legends’ PvP mode

Minecraft Legends PvP mode
Image Credit: Minecraft.net

The game will also feature a PvP mode with a maximum of eight players divided into two teams (basically a 4v4 mode). The objective is as straightforward as it sounds. Both your base and your opponent’s base are present. Players will be able to share their supplies with other teammates while working toward the main goal of destroying the opposing team’s base.

As a result, the base building will serve as one of the most crucial aspects of the mode. The gameplay trailer for Minecraft Legends also showcases a few possible base layouts. In the trailer video, you can see players setting up their defenses and conducting attacks against one another’s constructions, perhaps in hunting for resources and loot.

Minecraft Legends will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC. And, like the other Mojang titles, it is obviously not free to play, and it is available for pre-order through the official Minecraft website, Steam, or any other online storefront you choose to purchase other games from.

Final Thoughts

The two companies are the best combination to create Minecraft Legends as yet another fantastic game. Mojang Studios has long shown a desire to create new Minecraft games, while Blackbird Interactive has expertise in developing strategic games.

Will Minecraft Legends live up to expectations? Let us know in the comment below.