Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo and Malzeno

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry into the Monster Hunter series, and despite having a reputation for being the most easily accessible of the bunch, the game can still be incredibly confusing for beginners.  If you’re an absolute beginner,  this guide will help you acclimate to the gameplay loop of hunting and farming monsters in Kamura.

Picking a weapon

Monster Hunter Rise initially allows players to choose between 14 classes of weapons. This can seem quite overwhelming at first, but you will already have a base weapon of every type, and it is up to you to invest materials into crafting superior weapons of your preferred type.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

Note that each weapon has its own unique playstyle and mechanics. Some weapons, like the Charge Blade and Gunlance, require mastery of their mechanics which can be challenging for new players. The Bows turn the game into a fairly safe 3rd person shooter, and heavy weapons like the Hammer and Great Sword require a lot of timing and patience.

Picking equipment

Similar to your weapons, you will also be able to craft and upgrade your gear. While defense is an important stat, it is overshadowed by the individual buffs each gear piece can provide. Mix and match your gear to get the best combination of resistances and buffs for your preferred build.

Monster Hunter Rise Equipment

No need to worry about it too much at the start. Sets like the Izuchi and Tetranadon sets can easily get you to the mid-game.

Choosing Quests

Initially, you will only have access to 1-star difficulty quests, but as you complete more quests, your Hunter Rank will rise and give you access to more difficult challenges.

Missions will primarily involve monster hunting but can also include deliveries, material collection, and other exploration missions.

You will be able to choose between 2 types of quests, each with its own story progression.

Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests

These are single-player story quests, and their difficulty goes up to 6 stars. You cannot invite your friends to these quests as their difficulty is generally lower than the Hub Quests. They also have no impact on your Hub Hunter Rank, which is primarily used for online matchmaking.

Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests

They’re a fun and relatively easy intro into the gameplay loop of Monster Hunter Rise. They are handed out by Hinoa, found in the center of Kamura village.

Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests

Hub Quests are much more challenging and can be attempted in multiplayer mode. They usually involve hunting several different monsters in succession and go up to 7 stars in difficulty. This is where the end game lies with the most challenging content.

Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests

Complete Hub Quests to increase your Hunter Rank up to 999. In the Sunbreak DLC, they will serve as the primary way to increase your Master Rank. They are handled by Minoto, who is located in the village building.

Farming materials

You will require materials such as Ore, Gold, and Monster parts to craft all sorts of gear. Monster parts, in particular, have specific drop rates, and some parts only drop from higher rarity versions of those Monsters.

MH Rise ore

Naturally, the highest-rarity equipment will require material from higher-rarity monsters, which turns the game into a bit of a feedback loop. You will be exploring several different areas with these.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics, it’s a simple cycle of hunting, farming, and crafting better gear as you gradually hunt stronger monsters to craft even stronger gear. It can feel fairly grindy at some points, but once you’re at a comfortably strong level, the experience feels much more rewarding as you unlock all the intricate systems the game has to offer. Those willing to dedicate time to this game will have their efforts rewarded.

Early Game Tips

Here are some things to remember while starting out:

  • Master the wirebug to make your hunts easier. The wirebug is a brand new mechanic and provides you with a lot of maneuverability.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner's Guide to wirebugs

  • Collect Endemic Life when out on hunts.

MH Rise Endemic Life

  • Check a Monster’s weaknesses before heading out. Similarly, equip armor that counters a monster’s damage type if possible.

MH Rise Tetranadon weakness

  • Make sure to craft and organize your items for ease of access before heading out for a hunt.

MH Rise Trap Crafting

  • Capturing a monster can make a hunt shorter but can also result in some specific items not being dropped. Make sure to check monster drop rates.

MH Rise Captured Rathalos

  • Make sure to collaborate with friends if a hunt is proving to be too difficult.

MH Rise Courier

  • Affinity stands for critical rate, so builds and skills that can increase your affinity will serve you quite well.
  • Monster Hunter Rise is a complex game with lots of information to absorb, so don’t hesitate to head over to the wiki for specific information.

This concludes our Beginner’s Guide for Monster Hunter Rise. If you’d like to see more similar content or are looking for some specific content to guide beginners in Monster Hunter Rise, be sure to let us know!