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Overcooked 2 is a multiplayer cooking simulator released back in 2018 that looks like it makes for a cozy gaming experience. However, looks can be deceiving as there is more than meets the eye with this friendly-looking game. At its core, Overcooked 2 is actually a very chaotic and often stressful game.

Read further into our Overcooked 2 review to learn more about the game and what to expect when diving into this title.

Overcooked 2 Gameplay

Overcooked 2 Kitchen

Overcooked 2 will have the player dealing with dozens of different kitchens where the goal is to prepare and serve meals as quickly as possible. You can control one or more chefs in the kitchen and perform tasks with them to complete the oncoming list of orders. Join a team of chefs tasked with saving the kingdom from the Unbread(Bread Zombies) by slicing and dicing your way through the kitchen.

Each stage will require you to finish the orders before they expire and reach a certain score to get 3 stars on it. Prepare a dish, serve it, clean the plate, and repeat the process till you achieve victory. If you weren’t able to get 3 stars on your first attempt, worry not, you can always come back and retry for a higher score. Overcooked 2 will push you to learn how to deal with each of its stages properly.

Slice, Dice, Chop, Fry, Mix, and Bake your way to preparing dozens of dishes, each with its own set of ingredients and recipes. From fast food like burgers and pizzas to fine dining meals, Overcooked 2 has it all. Naturally, the gameplay becomes even more heated as the dishes get more complicated.

Not just the dishes, the stages also become much more complicated. For example, moving platforms, elevators, portals, and pitfalls add new mechanics to the game. These new features help keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Overcooked 2 Multiplayer

The multiplayer is where Overcooked 2 really shines. The base game is good enough to play in single player mode. However, the game is much more enjoyable when playing with a group of friends. In fact, we’d say the real way to play Overcooked 2 is with friends. The game supports up to 4 separate players coordinating in the kitchen.

Failing and overcoming challenging stages is much more satisfying when done as a group. It requires a certain level of coordination and strategic planning that requires everyone’s active participation. Facing the ticking timer together or finally clearing a difficult stage is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences available. Overcooked 2 takes full advantage of its unique playstyle and incorporates it seamlessly into a multiplayer experience that even casual gamers can easily hop into. While most challenging games are simply daunting for newbies to get into, Overcooked 2 makes its challenge accessible yet never confusing.

That concludes our Overcooked 2 review. Overall, it’s definitely a game worth purchasing, especially if you have friends down to tackle these challenges with you. The game is challenging while maintaining its unique style and atmosphere throughout the entire course. The game is often available for sale on Steam, so be sure to grab it as a gift for your friends. Check out our blog for more reviews and the latest updates about all things gaming-related.

Overall Rating: 8/10