Risk of Rain 2 Bandit Beetle Queen

Risk of Rain 2 is the sequel to the first Risk of Rain and plays like a roguelike third-person shooter. If you’re a fan of roguelikes and love jumping into exciting challenges, then Risk of Rain 2 is the game for you. Our Risk of Rain 2 review will provide a comprehensive overview of the game and judge if it’s worth your money or not.

So without further ado, let’s get into the Risk of Rain 2 review.

Risk of Rain 2 Gameplay

Risk of Rain 2 follows a fairly simple gameplay loop. You load into a stage, defeat enemies for gold, spend that gold on opening chests for random items and then face a boss. You’re free to take as much time as you’d like with each stage, however, there is a difficulty timer. The difficulty of the game will rise linearly along with the time you spend so it’s always a race against the clock to manage a reasonable difficulty-to-stage resource ratio. Don’t underestimate this game’s difficulty as it can get ridiculously difficult if you’re not managing your time well.

Technically, you can play the game forever until you inevitably get obliterated in a single hit by the game’s rising difficulty.


Bandit Character Page


The base game has 12 total characters with the DLC adding one more. Each character has their unique playstyle and builds that require specific items. For example, melee characters will prioritize items that let them hit hard whereas quick shooters will prefer Critical Rate. Each character has a primary fire, a secondary fire, a mobility ability, and an ultimate ability. There’s a character and playstyle for everyone in this game as the game doesn’t stop you from breaking its limits.


Risk of Rain 2 Enemies

The enemy variety is what keeps roguelikes exciting and makes them replayable. Risk of Rain 2 features dozens of enemies that level up alongside the difficulty. There are around a dozen bosses and 6 variations that can afflict enemies to make them even more threatening. Blaze, Glacial, Overloaded, Malachite, and Celestial are all modifiers that will make these enemies scary no matter the point of your run.


Risk of Rain 2 items


We have nothing but praise for the Risk of Rain 2 soundtrack. In fact, I’d consider it one of the best-designed videogame soundtracks, which are incredibly impressive for such a small production. Normally you’ll be hounded by monsters and struggling for survival, however, when you’re finally in those moments of peace on a stage, you’ll notice the sweeping synths and electric guitars pull you into their own world. Tracks like The Rain Known as Purple help create one of the greatest atmospheric highs you can experience in any videogame. It’s truly a hypnotic experience that will catch you off guard when you least expect it.

Risk of Rain 2 Multiplayer

The multiplayer experience is amazing when you and your friends share a stable connection. The game is still playable with a wonky connection, but the servers don’t provide very good global coverage for Asian countries. That aside, Risk of Rain 2 is definitely a game that benefits from its multiplayer. The multiplayer is implemented into the base game seamlessly and allows for an even more ridiculous mix and matching with different character kits. Naturally, you’ll spawn more monsters and items on the map depending on the number of players, which makes the overall experience that much more chaotic. Mastering this chaos with your friends is sure to be a challenging but fun experience.

That concludes our review on Risk of Rain 2. The game does not require much investment from the player and asks you to simply dive in and have fun. It’s never too easy, and you can adjust the level of challenge to your liking. Paired with the freedom the game offers and the incredibly fun multiplayer campaign, Risk of Rain 2 definitely deserves all the praise it has gotten. If you’re a fan of co-op multiplayer or looter shooters then this is definitely a game that you’ll enjoy.  Make sure to check out our blog at Gamesoft.com for more of the latest gaming reviews.